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MiddleClick binary for Mavericks

Here is the binary for middleclick for mavericks. Enjoy

Don't Break The Chain App for iPhone!
(i’ve made this app and many people seems to love it, try it!)

MiddleClick for Mountain Lion

I’ve updated MiddleClick for Mountain Lion. Download it now and go to System Preferences -> Trackpad and uncheck “Look up” and 3 tap should work!

Radiotuner Html5 Audio Mod

I’m using this little modified RadioTuner widget which works with Safari html5 <audio> implementation since a few months. Here is it for your enjoyment: RadioTuner html5 audio. It supports everything that Safari does, does not leak memory (as some previous internal version I’ve made in Flash) and use very little CPU.

For exemple, you could directly put a link to pls file like to play couleur3 radio stream in your dashboard.

It is based on the wonderful dashboard widget Radiotuner which is now open sourced at

Hopefully this fork will merge in the main version at some point in the future..

3-tap Middleclick on OSX for MacBook & Magic Mouse

Finally, I’ve managed to enable middleclick on my macbook with triple tap. It works using a private osx api for using the macbook multitouch trackpad code and some middleclick code. Middleclick is really useful for all the Firefox junkie who loves to open in a new tab as it doesn’t require to use the keyboard (cmd+click is the default middleclick). MiddleClick should not interfere with the swipe gesture and you should not click the trackpad as it will send a click and middleclick at the same time!

Don't Break The Chain App for iPhone!
(i’ve made this app and many people seems to love it, try it!)

Get MiddleClick (for Mavericks)!
MiddleClick (for Mountain Lion) (Go to System Preferences -> Trackpad and uncheck “Look up”)
or for MiddleClick (for Snow Leopard)..

Enjoy & donate if it brings you joy =)

Want MiddleClick in the App Store?

You can get the source at

Updated version with the change from carlosh & galonsky!

_blank Must Die For Google Apps

I’ve made a small hack that kill _blank in Google Apps as well so you can switch between Gmail, Calendar & Docs without new window/tab.

Get it at

Not much news nowadays about web development project as I’m essentially doing some R at work and having fun with objective-c at night =)

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